Samsung Robot Vacuum Reviews: Find Your In-Depth Insight

Everybody desires to keep their home always tidy. Nevertheless, cleaning up or vacuuming the entire house can prove to be a highly tedious task. Sometimes, you might be too exhausted or busy to clean even a single room.

But you should not give up hope just yet. I have discovered a solution recently that can maintain the cleanliness of your floor full-time without you having to lift a single finger. So what’s the solution? Robot vacuums!

It is a highly convenient option for those who are usually busy. What’s more, it is relatively easy to find a decent robot vacuum at an amazing price. Once you begin using these items, you will discover that there is a lot to admire about robot vacuums.

But the tricky aspect is resolving which robot to purchase. On the market, you will come across hundreds of models. All of them have various capabilities and features. Another issue is the cost of the vacuum.

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Furthermore, prior to buying a robot vacuum, you need to have two things in mind: is it possible for it to run automatically and do a thorough job? And how efficient is its suction power? Nowadays, you will find highly-advanced suction power as well as intelligent navigation systems that utilize digital cameras for scanning rooms to avoid obstacles. They can also adjust suction power automatically depending on the floor type. Below is a detailed Samsung robot vacuum cleaner review of a different model.

1. Samsung R7040: Greatest Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung is among the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. They manufacture a myriad of products, including vacuum cleaners. By combining effective technology, innovation, and high levels of expertise and quality, the company has become a household name.

Samsung established its POWERbot line of vacuum cleaners. All these cleaners have been designed from scratch to offer a uniqueness that sets them apart. The iRobot Roomba has been incredibly successful. For this reason, Samsung has become a force to reckon with in the fiercely competitive automated cleaning market.

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The R7040 is arguably the most effective robot vacuum cleaner. The device has a highly effective and powerful cleaning ability. What’s more, its wheels have grips to navigate around hurdles easily, in addition to the super-intelligent mapping system.

In case you need to transition between carpet and hardwood floors, you can still utilize this vacuum cleaner. It has effective sensors that enable this transition. Moreover, the device is simple to install and use. Other fantastic features include the following.

Different Settings

This smart vacuum has different cleaning settings. These include “spot,” and “auto” clean, plus manual mode. You can set it to vacuum your home automatically based on a predetermined schedule or even at various intervals throughout the day.

With this device, you can clean the house just with a single pass. Alternatively, you can allow it to maneuver throughout your home continuously until its batteries require a recharge. With the different cleaning settings such as “Normal,” “Quiet,” and “Turbo,” the turbo mode is the most efficient, but it is also the loudest one. Normal mode will allow you to enjoy your television shows without a lot of interruption.

High Suction Power

The suction power of this machine is incredible because it is 20 times more potent than its predecessors. Its nine smart sensors and onboard digital camera assist in creating ample cleaning space by capturing and analyzing the configuration of your room. There is no need to worry about the furniture or any items on your floor.

Wi-Fi Capability

With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can operate the device remotely via your smart devices using the Smart Things App or Samsung Smart Home. You can also use Amazon Alexa for voice commands.

Intelligent Power Control

The device can optimize its power consumption thanks to its intelligent power control. The POWERbot 7040 has a smart power control system that works in tandem with inbuilt cameras to determine the type of flooring surface.

  • Premium-built quality
  • Solid battery life and cleaning capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be easily paired with smart devices for hands-free control
  • The device can inform you of any issues as well as the time it has finished the cleaning
  • The manual only “boundary markets” as an extra feature to prevent it from entering certain rooms. It should be a default feature

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2. Samsung R7070: Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Cleaning Intelligent Assistant

This cleaning device is not the sleekest one in the vacuum cleaner market. One major reason for this is its bulkiness and functional aesthetics. The device measures 3.8×13.4×13.7 inches. It weighs 9.5 pounds. It can clean under the majority of beds, but its height does not enable the item to slip beneath some low-profile furniture such as coffee tables and sofas.

Even though the majority of robot vacuums are round, the Powerbot has a D-shaped design and is slightly elongated as compared to other vacuums by the same company. The front bumper consists of a straightened edge. It assists the device in tidying the corners and even climbing the walls.

Its camera is located on the top and can be retracted. Underneath, you will come across a release latch and a top-loading dustbin. Whenever you flip the device over, you will see the drop sensors, the self-cleaning roller, charging contacts, drop sensors, an on/off switch, and the two primary wheels. In terms of accessories, the Powerbot vacuum cleaner comes with its standard charging station and remote control, in addition to a filter. Let’s take a look at the other key features of this device.

Easy Maintenance

Powerbot does not require a lot of maintenance. In terms of setup, the powerbot is very simple to prep and get going. The machine lacks batteries or side brushes to install. Therefore, you only need to plug it into the dock and allow the bot to charge.

Easy Control

In case you do not want the powerbot to go into unwanted areas, you can mark off the stubborn areas using magnetic tape. It will prevent the device from venturing into these places.

Upon fully charging the batteries, you can now depress the play/pause button located on the bot or use the provided remote to begin right away. Better still, you can get the Samsung Smart Home app or Samsung Smart Things at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Intelligent Mapping

The powerbot is smart due to the inbuilt camera. Rather than crisscrossing a room randomly, the device uses its camera to undertake cleaning more methodically. It weaves in various directions as it eradicates the dirt. The flat edge also enhances its efficiency. You can set it up as well to pass at a given area several times in case the item fails to detect some dirt during the first round of cleaning.

I have tried three different methodologies at home, and I can say confidently that I was pleased by the device’s ability to navigate effortlessly across various types of surfaces. It could deal with the raised transition between my kitchen and hallway. The Powerbot also performs significantly well in poor lighting conditions.

One more benefit of using the camera for navigation is that it never bangs against furniture or dislocates things from their original location. It navigates gently around objects. Nevertheless, sometimes, you may have to rescue the vacuum after getting stuck between chair legs.

  • Has a flat edge that works effectively in tight spaces
  • Powerful suction ability
  • Has an option for manual steering
  • Can navigate smartly on different types of floors
  • Can be smartly controlled using apps
  • Unstable battery life
  • Wi-Fi features are not well implemented

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3. Samsung Powerbot R7065: Best Samsung Vacuum Robot for Cleaning All Floor Types

The Powerbot R7065 resembles a robot. It comes with a digital display, and an upward-facing camera, in addition to a head that resembles that of a human. While using it, you get a sense that you are outsourcing labor to the machine. In my personal opinion, this machine is among the most effective and industrious vacuum devices on the current market.

Nevertheless, you need to consult its user manual prior to setting up the Powerbot. It will save you a lot of time when trying to figure out how to assemble or operate. You will also experience some significant problems while trying to operate its remote. The software application is supposed to guide you through certain direct steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Whether you are using the application, Amazon Alexa, Google Home voice commands, etc., it is significantly simple to use this robot. The device has four primary cleaning settings. They are:

Automatic: undertakes a single-pass sweep and adjusts its suction level intuitively to different surfaces.Manual: you can control the device through the smart applications or the directional pad on your remote.

Repeat clean: in this mode, the vacuum will clean continuously until the batteries exhaust.

Spot clean: this feature allows you to direct your Powerbot to a specific dirty spot and initiate a thorough localized cleaning.

While using this device, you can opt for any of the three provided options. These are Normal, Quiet, and Turbo. In automatic mode, the machine takes a methodological path as it cuts straight upwards and downwards, including side-to-side movements across unoccupied areas of the carpet.

The onboard digital camera plus nine smart sensors allow this device to navigate around obstacles successfully. However, I have experienced a few problems with the cluttering of objects across the floor. As the device transitioned from my living-room carpet to my entrance hardwood floor, one of the two wheels stuck on the lip separating the two surfaces.

In my opinion, manual mode looks better whenever you want quick cleansing and do not have ample time to declutter the floor. After every cleaning round, I was mesmerized by the remarkable job done by this machine. The whole floor was splendidly clean. However, its accompanying app does not send an alert whenever the bin is full. But the good thing is that the bin is transparent. Therefore, you can see the level of junk.

The bin easily pops out from the upper side, but you need to separate the enclosure from the dust receptacle. This process can send contents within the bin wafting through the air if you do it with excessive force.

Through the app, you can receive a record of all cleaning sessions. These include the date and the time duration, in addition to a small map of the path it has followed.

  • Superb deep cleansing
  • Compatible with smart apps such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Smart Things
  • Flawless navigation around obstacles
  • Has the potential to stick, especially when it moves over obstacles on the floor

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4. Samsung Powerbot R9000: Robot Cleaner with Advanced Mapping Ability

The Samsung Powerbot R9000 Vacuum comes with an extra powerful Robotic Suction system that offers optimum cleaning performance. Similar to the R9250, it has the Visionary Mapping Plus technology in addition to a FullView Sensor. An onboard camera plus smart sensors help the appliance map floors and avoid obstacles effectively.

Samsung’s proprietary CycloneForce Technology enables the device to separate debris and dirt towards an outer chamber for it to sustain a longer-lasting suction ability. In the meantime, the EasyPass wheels smoothly move over any obstacle and various types of floors.

When I gave this device a performance test, I operated it around 50 times. It got stuck only twice, giving the error code 2. On another occasion, it sucked up some clothing items, but this issue was relatively easy to resolve. I did the following: simply flipped the system over, switched it off, and pulled the pieces off.

  • Has a remote control that allows you to clean at your convenience
  • Docks automatically whenever its batteries run out
  • Strong suction power
  • Can be operated on a variety of surfaces
  • Efficient mapping ability that prevents unnecessary bumping into items or furniture
  • Lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, it is impossible to program the device into a cleaning routine
  • Does not clean corners properly. It is round in shape

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5. Samsung Powerbot R9250 Renewed: Robot Vacuum with High Suction Power for Optimal Results

The Samsung Powerbot R9250 Renewed is a step up from its predecessor. It has a few extra features that separate it from the Powerbot R250. It is a hi-tech machine designed to vacuum the entire floor of your house. What’s more, it recharges itself and has the intuition to continue from where it left, off until it finishes the task.

This remarkable robot vacuum is highly efficient in the cleaning of carpets and rugs, thanks to its stronger suction power. Moreover, it provides better Wi-Fi connectivity as compared to other competing devices in the field. Therefore, this is a top-of-the-line model within the Powerbot range of products.

High Suction Power

The strongest attribute of this item is its top-notch suction power. Powerbot R9250 Renewed will reward you with approximately 50 times stronger suction power on all types of surfaces as compared to other vacuums within its price range. Its precise suction strength is 30 watts.

Advanced Mapping Ability

The visionary mapping advantage, in addition to the FullView sensor technology, enables this robot to map out a definite cleaning path by scanning the entire house. Its intuitive sensors and an onboard camera assist the R9250 Renewed to vacuum multiple rooms effectively. Even when operated in the dark, the robotic vacuum automatically avoids bumping into furniture.

Its coverage map can show all areas that the vacuum has cleaned. Better still, the onboard camera has an ultra-wide 1200 viewing angle. It also scans the room ceilings to enable it to identify any landmarks or corners so that the Powerbot can formulate an optimized path to clean.

Powerful Battery

A 3300 mAh battery enables the device to run continuously 40% more as compared to its predecessor. That is not all; the R9250 also has rapid charging technology.

Point Cleaning

Point cleaning is arguably the best feature of this device. In case you want to clean a single spot, simply point the red beam to the desired spot using the remote.

  • Improved suction power
  • Better performance on rags and thin carpets
  • A super-convenient point-cleaning feature
  • Smart control with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Includes a magnetic tape
  • Can occasionally get stuck due to its height
  • The filter of this device has not been certified by HEPA

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6. Samsung Power R9250: Robot Vacuum with Massive Dustbin Capacity

We all want our houses to be tidy, don’t we? Nevertheless, sometimes you might experience extreme fatigue, which prevents you from undertaking any household chores. Luckily, I have come across a solution that can keep your floors permanently clean without lifting even a single finger.

This vacuum model is a highly convenient option, especially for those who are usually busy. Just like most other products in this group, the R9250 is viewed as an excellent choice for some individuals. These people usually exhibit the following characteristics. Their home has a huge floor plan that requires regular cleaning. They require a device that provides wireless control either via voice commands or smart apps, or a vacuum robot that delivers high suction capability and has long battery life.

The R9250 vacuum cleaner is recommended for carpets because it has incredible suction power. Its connectivity is also more improved as compared to its predecessors. Samsung has ensured that the device reaches each edge and corner in your house.

Once you connect it to your Wi-Fi network, you can easily control the robot even when it is cleaning in darkness. If you are not at home, fully capitalize on Google Home or Amazon Alexa to gain control of your device. You would only need to give voice commands through your smartphone, even when outdoors.

With this Turbo robot, your home will get highly professional care because the appliance has been designed to clean vast areas of floor surfaces. What’s more, it docks itself for recharging and resumes cleaning until it completes the task. The advanced technology this robot utilizes makes it suitable for cleaning rugs and carpets.

The core features of this product are as follows:

  • 50x more powerful suction.
  • Visionary mapping.
  • Unique CycloneForce feature.
  • Washable filter.
  • Point cleaning innovations.
  • Easy pass wheels.
  • Excellent voice control.

The device can also automatically switch its modes depending on the type of floor. The various settings within this cleaner allow consumers to select the mode they desire while cleaning their houses. POWERbot 9250 performs remarkably on hard surfaces and carpets. It clears all the dust, pet hair, large debris, and minute suction dirt.

However, the robot is not recommended for use on clothing and other larger objects, including toys. It is also not suitable in case you are facing the following circumstances: if you have a tight budget or are trying to make savings, you have an allergy and require something that provides better filtration, or you do not like to unclog ducts and clean brushes during the maintenance.

  • Automatically switches modes depending on the type of floor
  • Self-docking abilities
  • High rate of efficiency (it can clean vast surfaces on a single charge)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity that enables control via smart devices
  • Significantly expensive

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Samsung Robot Vacuum vs Roomba – an In-Depth Comparison

The Samsung brand is well-known for its cell phones and television sets. However, you can also come across this brand in the robotic home cleaning market. The R9250 is a fearsome competitor to the longstanding champion from iRobot, the Roomba 980.

Here, I will analyze the Samsung robot vacuum vs Roomba battle. I will extensively examine the features present in both brands.

Understanding their distinctions and similarities will help you in making the right decisions during purchase.

What Are the Similarities?

Though these machines come from different manufacturers, they bear a lot in common and have similar features. Here are these similarities:

  • Both versions are covered by a one-year warranty.
  • Both of them utilize digital cameras to navigate and map.
  • They are both fast at cleaning carpets.
  • Both devices have high-clearance wheels for easy transitioning between surfaces.
  • Cleaning can be scheduled for each of the robots.
  • You can use voice commands on each model via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

The Distinctions in Suction

While evaluating these two brands, I noticed some significant differences. Therefore, I decided to share some of them:

  • Powerboat relies on front-mounted cameras for navigation while the Roomba primarily uses bump sensors for this purpose.
  • The Roomba has side brushes that are useful for edge cleaning, whereas the Samsung robot contains a movable plank.
  • The Samsung robot enables you to point clean through a laser beam. You will not find this feature on the Roomba.
  • The Roomba utilizes Virtual Wall Barriers to block access to some regions. The Powerbot, on the other hand, relies on magnetic tape.

Samsung Robot Vacuum vs iRobot – the Ultimate Comparison

iRobot is a brand that has maintained a firm grip on the automated vacuum marketplace for some time now. What’s more, the Roomba name has become synonymous with the convenience offered by the robotic vacuum.

Though Samsung is a major global player in the electronics industry, it is a relatively new entrant within the robotic vacuum market.

Nevertheless, any device from the Samsung brand is worth a try. So, let’s analyze the Samsung robot vacuum vs iRobot battle.

If you require an automatic vacuum cleaner that can take care of any mess regardless of the floor type, then the iRobot Roomba 980 or Samsung’s Powerbot R7090 is your perfect choice. In both models, you will find amazing brush roll configurations that clean hard surfaces just as effectively as carpeted floors.

Even though they both have edge sweeping systems, iRobot has maintained the legacy spinning brush design, whereas Samsung utilizes an innovative drop shutter. Both robot vacuums support Wi-Fi connectivity, hence allowing the user to control the devices smartly via smartphone apps or virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Samsung’s Powerbot R7090 has a remote that allows you to point it to a given floor area you want the device to vacuum. It is known as the spot clean feature which is absent in the Roomba brand. However, both vacuums have onboard control panels that enable you to start automated cleaning of your floor quickly.

Both manufacturers have enhanced the performance of their products compared to the former models in terms of suction power. For this reason, get ready to experience a remarkable performance with each vacuum. The lithium-ion batteries used in both models enable them to work for longer periods.

Closing Remarks

The first important factor to consider prior to buying a vacuum is the size of your home. A small vacuum cleaner that does not take up a lot of space is ideal for a small house. Larger houses require robot vacuums with huge dustbins and long battery life.

The type of floor is another key consideration. There are different types of robot vacuums on the market optimized for different types of floors. Some of them work best on carpets, others on hardwood floors, and some are effective on both. Another minor consideration is the presence of pets or young kids. Pet hair can clog the vacuum, and the playroom is not a good area since small toys can be sucked in.

Taking everything into account, you should consider a Samsung robot cleaner that would do the job perfectly. From my analysis, the R7040 model has proved to be the best. It has a highly effective and powerful cleaning ability. Also, its wheels have grips to navigate around hurdles easily. Likewise, it has a super-intelligent mapping system. Moreover, the device has an extensive battery life and can easily be paired with smart devices for hands-free control.

I hope my Samsung robot vacuum reviews will help you make an informed decision and choose the right device for your specific needs. Have you ever used Samsung robot vacuums? Did you like them? Which model do you prefer? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.

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