What Is the Best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener in 2023?

So, you’ve finally resolved to get a better door opener for your house or work garage. Each time you pull up into the driveway, it would be amazing if you can get right into your garage. An automated garage door opener will make it easier to access the garage without getting out of your car to open the door by yourself.

Some days the sun is scorching hot, while other days, it’s raining cats and dogs. Of course, such factors make the idea of getting out of your car very undesirable. So, you are searching for a safe way to access the garage without going through a lot of trouble.

Well, no need to stress much. My article has just the solution for you. While I was shopping for the best LiftMaster garage door opener a while back, it took me days before I found exactly what I was looking for. I spent a lot of time and had to conduct a lot of research while shopping.

Still, it was all worthwhile. This prompted me to come up with a review to make the process easier for other shoppers. That way, you can read up on the leading LiftMaster garage door openers easily. No need to Google much. This is an assurance that you will get the perfect deal even if you’ve never gone shopping for a garage door opener LiftMaster.

The majority of good LiftMaster openers also have essential safety elements for our advanced tech age, including a rolling code to avoid hackers from intercepting the code that is set between your remote control and the LiftMaster garage door opener. Besides, a lock mode is necessary when you’re not around. So, nobody can get through your door over the keypad or remotely until you’re back. This article should answer all your questions, and offer comprehensive information to guide you before purchasing your door opener.

The Top LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

  1. LiftMaster Elite 8500 Series
  2. LiftMaster 8550w Elite Series
  3. LiftMaster 3800 Replacement 8500
  4. LiftMaster 8355 Model

Here is my review of the top LiftMaster garage door openers for domestic use. You may carefully go through my tips, check the advantages, and disadvantages, and select the one you prefer.  I recommend that you take ample time before choosing a garage door opener.

1. LiftMaster Elite 8500 Series – Saves on Overhead Space

8500 Liftmaster Elite Series myQ Enabled Garage Door Opener

This device is among the LiftMaster elite series. This countershaft garage door opener is installed on the garage door’s side and performs its work from that point. While comparing different models, I noticed that LiftMaster 8500 is fixed on the wall, and it frees airy space within the garage because it does not have the regular track needed to hoist the door from above. If you’re a person whose garage acts as an extra space to store things like bicycles, then you’ll enjoy the additional room. Also, a benefit of the LiftMaster 8500 garage door opener is that it lets you set its garage door deadbolt to lock routinely.

The good thing is that this is an extra security control that makes it harder to force open the garage door manually. Most buyers admitted that this was among the quietest and most securest garage door opener they’ve ever had. It makes complete sense because the vibration and the noise of the door opener are centralized on the garage’s exterior wall instead of the ceiling. Still, the biggest problem with LiftMaster 8500 is that it has unreliable connectivity to MyQ. According to a LiftMaster 8500 review, users have claimed that they haven’t had much success getting the item to communicate with the smart device.

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  • The LiftMaster 8500 garage door openers free up space above the door since they are mounted onto the garage door’s side
  • This model has an automatic deadbolt
  • It has an excellent warranty
  • It doesn’t make any noise
  • It only has one remote
  • An unreliable connection to MyQ

When I compared LiftMaster 8500 vs. 3800, I noticed that they are mostly the same thing. The main difference is that Liftmaster 3800 is adaptable with Homelink while LiftMaster 8500 is adaptable with MyQ. Also, another difference between LiftMaster 3800 vs. 8500, is that Liftmaster 3800 is used for more massive doors in comparison to Liftmaster 8500, which works best for smaller ones.

2. LiftMaster 8550w Elite Series – A Premium Less Noisy Model

LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Elite Series

I think LiftMaster 8550w looks amazing since it has pearl housing and a huge red accent. This model doesn’t have the best-looking design, but it looks fine. It has this classic car look to it. So, if you’re into classics, you’ll probably like how it looks. The 8550W doesn’t contain much in the package it comes in.

What you get is the wall control panel, the main unit, and one 3-button remote. The one remote characteristic can be problematic, especially if you live in a household with more than one person, and you’ll have to buy a remote, which costs approximately 40 bucks. The unit has a 1/2 horsepower equivalent, which can hoist a two-car steel door. The motor and capacity make it favorable for any garage door, whether on a commercial site or at home.

According to the LiftMaster 8550w review, it comes with a backup battery, which is built-in. You can use it while the power is out, making it a premium selection. Besides, it also has a belt drive. No wonder it has such a smooth functioning in comparison to other garage door openers. I also noticed that the body isn’t substantial. Something else I saw was the light found on both sides of the item, which makes it ideal for night functioning. It has total lighting of 200 Watts (100 for each light). Besides, the LiftMaster 8550w price is a bit on the higher side.

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  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Easily connects to the Wi-Fi
  • Reliable battery backup
  • Guarantees safety
  • It’s quiet
  • A bit pricey
  • The MyQ app is not enabled

3. LiftMaster 3800 Replacement 8500 – The Model with High Applicability

Liftmaster 3800 Replacement - 8500 (Upgraded to the LiftMaster 8500)

The Liftmaster 3800 replacement 8500 refers to the new Liftmaster 8500. The old LiftMaster, 3800 garage door opener, was one device with a lot of capability for most homeowners. However, it was upgraded to a more recent version known as the Liftmaster 8500. This new unit has been designed in such a way that it is applicable in many circumstances where other different brands cannot be utilized. The new Liftmaster 8500 connects to the torsion rod found on the garage door. So, this specific device has proven to be valuable even in old garages that can’t use other kinds of garage door openers.

Also, this design is sleek, and it saves on space because it is mounted on the wall next to the garage door. Besides, this device is MyQ enabled, so it is completely equipped with security 2.0. The control panel of the LiftMaster 8500 is mounted on the wall, and it comes with a timer for closing the door.

This remarkable device can guarantee you powerful, reliable, and long-lasting performance, unlike other brands, because it has p3 motors. Also, since it is mounted on the wall, it gets rid of vibrations and sounds through the ceiling, so it doesn’t make any noise. Also, rest assured that burglars cannot access your doors despite capturing the signal. You can generate a new code with every click. Additionally, the thugs can’t force your door open because the door comes with a deadbolt lock.

With this unit, you can automatically adjust the door depending on the factors affecting your door using an electronic autoforce/limit. This specific LiftMaster garage door is the best for home installations since it provides users with the most advanced features. However, despite having a backup battery capacity, one is forced to purchase the battery. Also, note that the key difference between the 8500 and the 8500 elite series is that this doesn’t have inbuilt Wi-Fi, and it lacks the in-built backup battery.

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  • It is MyQ enabled
  • It doesn’t make noise
  • Has p3 motors, so it has excellent performance
  • Frees up a lot of space
  • It doesn’t come with built-in Wi-Fi. So, one needs to buy a connectivity device
  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt backup battery.

4. LiftMaster 8355 Model – Easily Installable

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series

The LiftMaster 8355w model is a wise choice that guarantees durability and quality. I noticed that it has quite a unique design, which makes it easily installable. Even though this may require some technical knowledge, it can be easily installed if you have the relaxant expertise.

The instructions in the manual are easy to comprehend. It means that any person without special knowledge can read a guidebook and cope with this task. Also, it only weighs 3 pounds making it not only easy to use but portable too. This unit has an AC motor that is way better compared to a DC motor since it gives more power. This should be great if you’re looking for a device that uses AC.

Even though it only has a ½ HP, this is adequate to lift the garage door. In comparison to other brands that have identical HP, it provides increased reliability and power. Additionally, according to LiftMaster 8355 reviews, this brand doesn’t lead to excessive wear and tear to the door. A report stated that there was no indication of wear and tear close to the motor, despite using it for almost two months. LiftMaster 8355 vs. 8550 has a belt drive mechanism, which it uses for the garage door.

Compared to other models, it is quite noisy. One important thing to mention is that LiftMaster garage door opener 8355 does not work well for heavy doors. It is better to apply it for small or medium-sized doors.

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  • Has one of the most Advanced Securities + 2.0 feature
  • It is MyQ enabled
  • It can be connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Operates on a tri-band frequency. So, the signal will never be disrupted
  • It is a bit noisy
  • Doesn’t work on large garage doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Please, check the answers to the most controversial questions.

The first step is to find the “Learn” switch option. You have to press it and release it. Hold for half a minute, then find a button that you want to program and hold for three seconds. The blinking of the lights on the garage door opener or turning off the LED indicator shows whether the programming has worked.

This can be done the same way as programming the remote device. All that you have to do is to repeat the same steps. The blinking of the door operator will indicate the result.

Press the “Learn” switch at your garage door. If your door opener has MyQ Control Panel, press a button twice. Within half a minute, type a new code consisting of four digits and press ENTER. You can have two outcomes. First, the LED light will switch off. Second, the garage door opener will blink. It is recommended to wait for 10 seconds and try to log in with the new password.

You can purchase these products from the manufacturer, LiftMaster. Alternatively, you can find them, from authentic dealers of LiftMaster products or online stores such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

This procedure is easy. Hold the “Learn” button for a couple of seconds and release it. The LED light will persistently illuminate for half a minute. During that time, press and hold down the “Learn” button on the remote device, which you will be utilizing for the door. Stop pressing the remote button once the light of the motor unit starts to blink. If it has no lightbulb, instead, you will hear it clicking twice. Check your remote control to confirm that the door has been switched on. Repeat this process if it doesn’t.

Push and release the “Learn” button on the motor unit of your garage opener. The LED light will go on for half a minute, during which you will insert your new preferred 4-digit pin on your keypad. Once you’ve done this, hold the enter button. When the light of your motor unit starts to blink and let go of the button. At the same time, it will blink two times if you don’t have any lights. Check the keypad to confirm that it works. Repeat this process if it doesn’t.

Raise the cover of the wireless entry keypad. Check below the number of keys on your keypad to look for the battery compartment. Move the protection of the compartment downward to remove it. Remove the battery and get rid of it. Insert a new battery into the compartment, and seal it to finish this procedure.

Choosing the Perfect LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

You should consider many factors before purchasing a LiftMaster garage door opener. It took quite some time, and I can assure you that it was worth it in the end. Of course, among the main things to look at is the LiftMaster garage door opener price. I’ve noticed that a lot of these garage openers are pricey. So, you must be willing to spend a little more extra. Still, it is a worthwhile investment. Besides, you need to consider the fact that most of these will require a LiftMaster professional for installation.

While some can be easily installed, one still needs the technical knowledge to go about it. Of course, you’ll be initially confused before you settle on a garage door opener. Do not hesitate to rely on any of these recommendations. My advice is that you do not compromise on quality just because you’re looking to save a few dollars. Always go for the best. Get a LiftMaster garage door opener that will assure you of reliability, durability, and top-notch quality. Read as many reviews as needed before settling on any product.

What has been your experience in selecting and/or using LiftMaster garage door openers? You can leave a comment below to give us more insight. I’ll gladly discuss your opinions with you. Also, do you have any questions that you feel I haven’t addressed in my review? Comment below! Good luck with shopping for the perfect LiftMaster garage door opener that meets all your expectations.

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